"Morning Cup of Shorts" (short film program)

Short film program curated from some of the finest short films from around the globe.  Following the short film program, filmmakers will be on hand to participate in an audience Q & A.

*Some films below may contain strong language and violence.  Some content may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 13.



Directed by: Salvatore Brown

Knucklebones is a postmodern take on the Lone Ranger mythos, raising questions about the search for reality, identity and justice in a modern American West that’s forever tethered to the church of John Wayne and the memory of manifest destiny.

It’s a film about family and the complex legacy of western life, as seen through the lens of western film and television.

*Filmmaker in Attendance


Moonchild (France 2017)

Directed by: Bruno Mazzocchi


The melancholic space odyssey of a daydreamer…


The Importance of Dreaming (Canada 2017)

Directed by: Tara Audibert

Old lonely Owl dreams of having his own family. In his travels he comes upon a large skulk of foxes playing together. Owl thinks they are beautiful and he watches over them for many days and nights. He wishes he could have such a beautiful family. One fox is different, she notices Owl and watches him. Owl flies down to meet her and showing off his charms, becomes a part of the skulk. Foxx and Owl fall in love, but their love is met with contention driving Foxx and Owl away to try to find happiness together.

This is a true legend based on a love story between a Native Canadian woman and a non-Native man, taking place sometime between 1867-1985 when the Indian Act of Canada suppressed the rights of Indigenous women married to a non-Native. 


Carro (USA 2018)

Directed by: Gustavo Rosa

An undocumented Brazilian immigrant living in the Boston area decides to buy a car in an effort to better his life before returning home.


Calamity (Belgium 2017)

Directed by: Séverine De Streyker & Maxime Feyers

France meets her son's girlfriend for the first time. She loses control...


Room Tone (USA 2018)

Directed by: Morgan Cooper

Lloyd is a man in his late-20s who works as a freelance sound mixer in Kansas City, MO. Lloyd loves his job, is good at it, and has a nice, stable life… but he can’t seem to let go of an unfulfilled dream. “Room Tone” explores an artist’s conflict--the fine line that separates joy and self-doubt


An Air About Her (USA 2017)

Directed by: Dee Herlihy

Two young women share a moment on the subway, but will they end up on the track to true love or will they miss their connection?


Deux Mains "With My Own Two Hands"  (France 2018)

Directed by: Michaël Barocas

The life of a man through his hands and the ones around him...